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About NHI

About the Natural Health Institutes

Natural Health Institutes (NHI) features certificate courses and diplomas in complementary health, nutrition, herbalism, and counseling programs.  Our founding company, The Institute of Natural Sciences was established to acquire the copyright for use of BSY (British School of Yoga) courses in North America  in the areas of complementary and alternative health. Over the years, these courses have grown and evolved into a wealth of  information relating to health training, stress management, business management, counseling, self improvement, sports and fitness and alternative health.

Learn at your own pace in the manner and surroundings that work for you!

The structure and mandate of NHI is to make these courses available to a wide variety of people. Our goal is to make learning as unencumbered by finance, lifestyle or geographical limits as possible. Financing and course delivery options are in place. There is no minimum amount of education necessary to enroll in our courses and the course material comes to you - wherever you are. People of any age can take our self-study courses for their own personal interests, to supplement their professional designation or to start a new business or career.

*Note: Natural Health Institutes was formerly known as "Institute of Natural Sciences".


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