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Natural Health Institutes package deals

Ordering is easy. Select the diploma you are interested in from the list below. 
Pick your elective courses related to the theme of your career path. Choose delivery options: mail or web version, and order advising us of your payment option preference.

If you have questions, simply email us or call us toll free at 1-877-846-6722.

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Holistic Beauty Therapist

www.naturalhealthinstitutes.com/html/CompleteCourseListing/index.cfmLearn natural ways to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair. This diploma consists of 4 courses: Beauty Specialist and Manicure & Pedicure are the required courses. Pick 2 electives of your choice from the certificates in the course listing.

Holistic Body Work Therapist

www.naturalhealthinstitutes.com/html/courses/Certificate-Courses/index.cfmLearn to balance the body’s delicate structure and unleash tension and stress with simple life changes. This diploma includes core courses in Kinesiology that focuses on correcting imbalances throughout the entire body and mind, and the Alexander Technique to help the body work in a natural, relaxed and efficient manner by improving posture.Add 2 elective courses of your choice.

Holistic Counseling Therapist

www.naturalhealthinstitutes.com/html/CompleteCourseListing/index.cfmThis diploma requires you to take the Counseling Skills and Psychotherapy courses. You then choose 3 elective courses from a broad range of choices to suit your career goals, your experience and education.

Holistic Energy Healing Therapist

Harness the power of crystals, color, energy and light to rebalance mind body and spirit. This program requires completion of the non-touch healing therapies Color Therapy and Crystal Healing. Your choice of 2 electives may include touch or non-touch therapies, counseling skills, self improvement  or relaxation/stress maagement courses.

Holistic Healing Touch Therapist

Learn valuable ways to restore and maintain health through the power of touch. You are required to take the Massage course with emphasis on touch to aid clients to achieving relaxation, reassurance, comfort, trust and renewed energy. And you are also required to take Shiatsu, a non-toxic, means of restoring and amintaining health. You may choose the 2 electives to fit your counseling, relaxation or wellness goal and career paths.

Holistic Herbal Therapist

Learn about healthy options to prevention of illness and healing therapies by studying plant-based medicine and life-enhancing properties of foods. Holistic Herbal Therapist diplomas feature core courses Nutritonal Therapy and Herbalism, the study of the medicinal use of herbs. You may choose 2 electives that suite your career path, personal needs or practice.

Holistic Nutritional Therapist

By providing the body with the right conditions, the body will heal itself. Our Nutritional Therapist diploma is full of important information that everyone should know. You will be required to study the Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy courses. Your choices for the 2 electives can be based on your career goals.

Holistic Reiki Therapist

Establish normal energy flows and accelerate healing within the body. Reiki is the Japanese word for the Universal Life Energy that permeates and sustains our entire world. You will be required to complete the 3 levels of Reiki, obtain your attunements and study 1 elective course of your choice.

Holistic Relaxation Therapist

In today's busy world, the number one reason for sickness and pain is stress. Learn how to help people achieve relaxation for the body to rejuvenate and work efficiently. You will be required to study the Advanced Stress Consultant course, Professional Relaxation Therapist course and complete 2 additional courses related to the theme of this diploma.

Holistic Sports and Fitness Therapist

For anyone who wants to help others or take their own health and fitness to an advanced level. Achieve peak physical performance in a natural and holistic way. Required courses are Sports Injuries and Sports Nutrition. Choose your electives according to your experience and understanding of this subject.


A group of management courses to help you start your business with natural and holistic values in mind. Required courses are Business Motivation and Organization, and Time and Priority Management, choose 3 elective courses of your choice. 

Pick Your Package

Pick any four courses. This package is an ideal way to choose the courses you want to compliment your lifestyle, career path or existing diploma. There are no required courses. You will get certificates for each course you pass and a transcript of marks. If you are using these courses for continuing education credits, we will send your professional association documentation of completion of the courses.

Self Improvement

Realize goals, and recognize your personal strengths. Remind yourself of your achievements with a diploma and continue on to help others see the strengths in themselves.  Begin with required courses Self Awareness and Confidence Enhancement, then choose your three elective courses.


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