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Natural Health Institutes - FAQs

Why Self Study Programs?
Why a NHI Program?
How is the Curriculum Designed?
What is the Completion Time?
What Qualifications will I have?
How Can I Order a Course?
How Can I Pay for a Course?
How Do I Receive the Course?
What about Books?
Do you offer Practitioner Liability Insurance?
What are PDF files?
What is your Refund Policy?

Self Study Programs

Self-study is not for everyone. It requires discipline and a true desire to master the subject. If, however, you are a highly self-motivated student, you will find NHI courses particularly satisfying. The material presented is relevant, carefully researched, consistent and it is a cost-effective way of learning.

Participants have complete control of their learning environment. Obviously scheduling your studies is more flexible than commuting to a traditional classroom. Studying a small amount of material each day - when you feel like studying - in a non force-fed fashion, improves retention. 


Why a NHI Program?

Our goal is to help you achieve your career goals without committing to a long term program and costly tuition fees. NHI, offer certificate courses on average of  $400.00. You may take these certificate courses one at a time to fulfill a diploma designation. If you are ready to commit to 4 or 5 courses, the diploma packages offer a significant cost savings. Our diploma programs offer a broad range of elective choices that will fit your personal and career goals.

Each course takes approximately three months to complete depending on the obligations and responsibilities in your personal and work life. Here are some of the reasons students take an NHI program:

  • For their own interests;
  • To support a main stream diploma;
  • To start their own business, or
  • To obtain a view of the path that they will engage upon, in pursuing this type of career.  


Curriculum Design 

Each course has been designed and produced by qualified instructors specifically for self-study. You will receive your course materials containing everything you need to complete your studies, including a study guide and recommended reading list.

The study material is clear and straight forward, progressing logically step by step to make learning as easy as possible. Students answer a set of review questions at the end of each lesson. They then refer to the correct answers provided  to determine if they have a correct understanding of the material studied.   

After all lessons are completed, the students who wish, may challenge the final exam. The final exam makes up 100% of the final mark. If the candidate passes the exam successfully (75% or higher) they will be awarded a certificate or diploma. An official letter designating your achievement and transcript of marks will accompany your diploma or certificate. 


Completion Time

Based on our average completion rate, most students will find that they can complete each course within three months. Although we are quite flexible with completion times it is necessary to have limitations. NHI has a completion time-line of 1 (one) year from the time you receive your certificate course. If you do not complete your certificate course within 1 year, you will not be able to challenge the exam for your certificate. Diploma courses have a completion time-line of 2 (two) years from the time you receive your courses. If you do not complete your courses within the time-line specified, there may be fees for the exam and to reinstate you into the administrative system. If you anticipate that you cannot finish within the time-line available, it is in your best interests to alert Natural Health Institutes about your situation so that we can negotiate alternatives with you.

Excessive delays in completing any or all portions of a course may result in the unavailability of the balance of the program, including final examinations.

*Courses may be changed, updated, or discontinued without notice.


What Qualifications Will I have?

Practitioners and teachers are accepted internationally by both public and private organizations. Many students who have taken these courses have started their own businesses or furthered their careers in education, technical colleges, health establishments and many other areas.

The following corporations have benefited from the same high quality training programs now being offered in North America by NHI-Natural Health Institutes:

  • Innotech Nutrition Solutions
  • Massage Therapists Association of Alberta
  • Canadian Agriculture Skills Service
  • Woodland Retreat Massage and Spa Services
  • Sameena's Beauty Centre
  • Angelic Healing
  • The Power Within
  • Vitalilty Centre
  • Weyerhauser Canada
  • Canadian Cost Guard
  • Carlson Clinic, Alberta Canada
  • Charisma - European Health and Beauty Spa
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada
  • Be well with Michelle - newsletter
  • Mind Power Productions
  • Jancox Stampings
  • Custom Fitness and Kayak Bermuda
  • Divine Energy
  • Wild Ways Holistic Care Centre
  • Herbs of Grace

Paying for a Course

By Credit Card, we can accept VISA and MasterCard
You can order your course via our secure on-line order form. Simply find the course/diploma in which you wish to enroll by using the 'Certificate Courses' links, our 'Complete Course Listing' link, our search field, or 'Diplomas' link. Once you find your desired course or diploma, press the 'Add Product to Cart' button. You can order multiple courses through our interface.

Financing Plans 

You can finance your course(s) or diploma over a six month period. There is a financing fee, the initial payment is only 35% of the total with the remainder of payments spread over 5 months. Click here for more information!


Receiving the Course

By Internet (Web Courses)
We will email you a link and password to your personal download area on our Web site.

By Mail (Print Courses)
Courses can be sent by ground mail in Canada and the United States. This usually takes between 4 and 10 days for delivery.

Payment Plan Course Delivery
For individual courses, course content is sent when we receive the first payment.

  • No exam can be written until the final payment is made. 
  • There is no penalty for early payment.

Payment Plan Diploma Delivery
The two required courses are sent out as soon as we process your initial payment. Once you have made the next 2  payments, we will send out one or two of your electives. Once we have received your last payment we will send you out your last elective course.

  • No exam can be written until the final payment is made.
  • There is no penalty for early payment.

All prices quoted within this site are in Canadian dollars. Each course can be received by mail or E-mail. E-mail courses contain exactly the same information as a printed course.


What about Books?

A reading list will be attached to your self-study program. These books are ordered and purchased yourself.  They are not required reading though, you do not have to buy or borrow these books. All exam questions will be taken from the course material we send you. We highly recommend though, that you research and question everything that may be associated to your discipline. Have fun checking out new books in the book store, spend time at the library and browse the Internet.


Refund Policy

*All courses and diplomas will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.

For print based courses: you may cancel your purchase within 7 days of receiving it. Return the course package by registered mail (or trackable courier) to our address listed below. The 7-day period begins 5 days after course material is shipped by NHI. Return receipt date is the day on which package is received, or in the case of registered mail, will be the date of the postmaster’s receipt for the package. Upon receipt of the printed material at our offices, a cheque will be issued to you for the full amount of your purchase, less the 20% restocking fee.

For web based courses: upon completion of the first download, the student has the 7 day period to cancel the order. If the student decides to cancel the order we will send a release form that the student must sign confirming that the information has been deleted. At this time access to the download area will be terminated and NHI will refund the your purchase price, less the 20% restocking fee.


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