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Tecademics Ambassador

TECADEMICS is an internet marketing college that provides over 120 hours of online e-learning business education and also in-person classroom experiences four times a year. The first week of in-person training starts December 4th 2016.

This school based in Scottsdale Arizona has developed courses for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers wanting to learn how to make money and optimize their services, brands, opportunities and products. 

Try the free affiliate program to log into the members area to see the free training and free courses.


T.E.C. The Entrepreneur Club™ The Entrepreneur Club (T.E.C.) is an online learning experience  for beginners who want to learn about internet marketing and implement strategies that deliver results. The cost of this educational program is $100 per month and you will have access to a digital inner circle of forward-thinking business owners. more...

IMPACT™ home-study course covers 12 proven methods for starting and profiting with your own internet business. This course is specifically designed and tailor-made to take a complete beginner and transform them into a solid intermediate. This “Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing.” is also a great course for seasoned professionals who want to freshen up their advanced skills.

You will get step-by-step video classes, audio training and workbooks. You will also get  bonus cheat sheets and tools to fast-track your learning curve, along with exclusive access to our TecForum™ for ongoing discussions and Q&A’s. more...

This is not an official Tecademics web page. Marilyn St Marie is an authorized Ambassador of Tecademics, offering the following products:  Free course materials, TEC, Impact and Masters learning programs.  Marilyn is solely responsible for the content on this page.The Tecademics logo, company name and products, used in any and all forms, are service marks and intellectual property and are owned by Tecademics and are licensed to Marilyn St Marie and may not be duplicated without the express written permission of Tecademics. If you plan to use these courses for continuing credit hours, please confer with your governing body first.

The president and co-founder of TECADEMICS is renowned Social Media Marketing Coach, Real Estate Investor, Direct Sales Trainer and Public Speaker Chris Record. Chris nearly always is wearing his signature orange baseball cap. His teaching style is always energetic and entertaining regardless of what he is involvedwith, be it Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Youtube channel.

Here is just a quick list of a few of the topics and subjects being offered by TECADEMICS entrepreneurial education. 
Facebook PPC & Ads
Google Adwords PPC Training
Social Media Branding
Speed Blogging
Email Marketing
Lead Generation
Direct Response Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Membership Training
Shopify & Ecommerce
Amazon Drop Shipping
Youtube Video Marketing & Advertising
Digital Marketing strategies

The program will have a virtual guidance counselor that will put you through a personality assessment, then ask questions about your current skills and industry background and ask questions about what your perfect future looks like and will give you guidance on what course path you should take. If you are looking to work FOR someone, your progress, certifications and skills will be made available to business owners for free.

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